Jonathan Machen
Graphic Designer
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Jonathan is a skilled graphic designer, with a keen eye for how to best visually represent financial brands. He wants any design he creates to resonate with consumers and communicate a financial institution's unique identity. Additionally, Jonathan develops visual marketing materials for On The Mark Strategies so financial institutions can more easily engage with the solutions they need.

From a young age, Jonathan had a passion for creative work. The world of comic books and superheroes inspired him to hone his skills, which he would use as a music and creative arts pastor from 2007 to 2022. In that role, Jonathan left a lasting impact on thousands of church members with innovative worship experiences. He joined the On The Mark Strategies team in 2023 after performing freelance graphic design work throughout 2022.

Jonathan enjoys cherishing family moments, reading literature, listening to podcasts and taking journeys that expand his perspective on life.

Jonathan Machen

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Jonathan Machen