Be as Memorable as a Holiday Movie

Mark Arnold
Be as Memorable as a Holiday Movie

How many holiday movies can you name?  Probably a lot.

There’s “Home Alone,” “Elf,” “Miracle on 34th Street,” “Christmas with the Kranks,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Christmas Vacation,” “A Christmas Story” and of course…“Die Hard.” Well, that last one’s disputed (unfairly might I add).

Maybe you don’t know all these movies, but I bet you remember at least a couple. In fact, you might do more than simply remember them. You might know them so well you can recite their classic lines over and over and over again.

Now imagine if your credit union or community bank was as memorable as a holiday movie. It would be a game-changer!

Well, becoming that memorable isn’t just something imaginary; it’s something you can achieve. Here’s how.

Come Together as a Family

Many holiday movies (if not all) focus on families coming together to celebrate Christmas. Take “Home Alone,” for example. The movie’s ending shows Kevin reuniting with his family, and it highlights his family’s new appreciation for him.

You have a family of your own – your team. And if you aren’t appreciating one another, your members or customers will notice. How?

Because a dysfunctional team impacts your service. Disagreeable teammates make solving urgent problems more difficult. Tension between employees in a branch makes consumers uncomfortable.

Build an aligned organization to draw your staff out of their silos and rally them around a common purpose. Learn to trust one another and have healthy conflict. Come together as one work family and make your institution memorable for its teamwork.

Create a “Christmas Brand”

There’s no brand quite like Christmas. It’s instantly recognizable and almost universally loved. The colors, the carols, the gifts – all trigger Christmas memories.

Of course, such a great brand means holiday movies are also easily recognizable. You would never mistake “Elf” for a summer flick, and you don’t want anyone confusing your credit union or community bank’s brand with another brand.

Creating a brand as memorable as Christmas requires a strategic outlook. What does that mean?

It means you start with demographic and competitor research. You must decide what your target demographic likes, and you must differentiate yourself from competitors. Don’t fear choosing unorthodox colors or a quirky tone if it suits your niche and sets you apart.

But a brand is more than colors and a logo; it’s a feeling (kind of like the Christmas spirit).

Create an environment where members or customers feel welcome and fulfilled. Prize convenience to capture younger consumers. Live your vision, mission and values until every visitor knows what you represent.

Map Out Magical Moments

Even if you haven’t seen “It’s a Wonderful Life,” you know the scene when George runs down the street loudly proclaiming “Merry Christmas” to the town. It’s simply unforgettable.

And magical moments could make your credit union or community bank unforgettable, too. That’s because 87% of consumers return to brands who give them a great experience. Notice it says great…not just good.

In your journey map, plan moments to make consumers go “wow.”

Remember their names every time they visit. Offer them free bags of candy. Set up a cool photo shoot location with a giant version of your logo. Gamify your branches with monthly competitions (and reward the winners with gift cards).

You probably noticed becoming truly memorable has no “one size fits all” solution. It requires the combination of organizational alignment, rebranding and an updated consumer experience. And luckily, The Growth Accelerator Program accomplishes all these items in one beautiful, gift-wrapped package.

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Mark Arnold
Founder and CEO
Mark Arnold