Don't Put Your Credit Union Member Experience on Autopilot

Laura Loy
Don't Put Your Credit Union Member Experience on Autopilot

Tesla recently reached a settlement over the 2018 crash that killed a driver while he was operating his car on autopilot. Tesla’s position is that it’s the driver, not the automaker, that’s responsible for crashes while in autopilot mode. The term "autopilot" is misleading because the driver still must be alert with hands on the wheel.

The same can be said of your credit union member experience…you must stay vigilant and keep your hands firmly on the wheel to avoid a crash.

Members walk into your branch, call your call center or log into your digital banking. How are they greeted? Is it easy for them to get the solutions they need? Do they have a consistent experience with your brand across all branches and channels?

You might not know!

It’s easy to lose track of the credit union member experience when you’re busy with all your daily tasks running the community financial institution. That’s why examining the consumer journey on a regular basis is so important.

Start with Your Driver’s License

Your driver’s license displays your identity and information ensuring you can take the wheel. At your institution, it’s your brand that defines who you are and how you serve consumers.

Just like a driver’s license is more than just the photo, your brand is more than the logo. Brand visuals paint a nice picture, but it needs substance. All the other license information details why you are qualified to drive.

The same is true for your brand. A thorough and consistent definition of your brand is a necessary starting point for the credit union member experience. As professional coach Dave Buck says, "Your brand is a gateway to your true work."

Create a Road Map

Now that you have your license, you must have an overview of your trip. For the credit union member experience, this means undertaking a journey mapping exercise. And you definitely shouldn’t downplay this step; creating and using a journey map makes you 200% more likely to outperform competitors.

You would plot out all the stops on a roadmap, and a journey map identifies every touchpoint your community financial institution has with its consumers. It also determines how your brand guides these interactions to provide a seamless, consistent experience across all channels.

In other words, it operationalizes your brand.

Follow the Directions

Now you know where you’re going and what the map looks like. But what are the specific directions to your destination? That’s where it takes keen and consistent attention.

Monthly credit union member experience trainings centered around your brand ensure you’re still on the correct route. Take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the directions, and you may get lost – or worse yet, crash.

So, don’t put your member experience on autopilot! Make sure everyone at your institution is on the same page about what your brand delivers, the route to get you there and the specific directions to follow.

Need help? Book a free consultation today and get a guide on your journey mapping and credit union member experience travels.

Laura Loy
Experience Director
Laura Loy