Employees Falling Like Leaves? Here’s How to Keep Them Going

Sean Galli
Employees Falling Like Leaves? Here’s How to Keep Them Going

It’s that time of year – burnout season…I mean the holidays!

But seriously, Q4 stress can quickly lead to an exasperated workforce if you’re not careful. Your credit union or community bank may be noticing this trend already, and it’s only October. There are still two months to go!

Luckily, this isn’t an unchangeable situation. Let’s go over how to help your staff look less like Walmart employees after Black Friday and more like kids who just opened their shiny new toys.

Give Staff a Higher Calling

When your employees burn out, it’s easy for them to forget the point of their work. And more likely than not, that’ll make them even more exhausted.

A 2021 McKinsey study showed only 15 percent of frontline workers think their job is tied to their purpose. The study also found employees with less purpose had lower energy, were less satisfied and had lower excitement. Translation: not many employees currently find purpose in their work, which causes frustration and fatigue.

Give your staff the purpose they need to stay energized!

One of our clients is giving money to each employee and letting them pay it forward however they wish. This connects staff to their purpose of helping others in a very tangible way. What can you do to give employees a purpose?


Know When to Push and Pull


Managing busy season is a lot like walking a tightrope. Push your staff too hard, and you might fall into the fiery abyss of burnout. Pull back employee workloads too much, and you fail to meet your goals.

Your credit union or community bank needs to find the right balance.

Team members crushed under their workloads are 2.2 times more likely to become burnt out. And naturally, your highest achievers may take on more work and feel this effect faster than other employees.

Don’t turn your high achievers into martyrs. Pull them back and safeguard their well-being. On the other hand, push your underachievers to be better. Balance out your team so everyone performs at the highest level possible.


Pull Off an “Oprah Moment”


In 2004, famous TV personality Oprah Winfrey gave everyone in her audience a car and loudly said, “You get a car, you get a car, you get a car!” The audience was screaming with joy (as I’m sure any of us would be), and one of Oprah’s most recognizable moments was born.

Sometimes, your credit union or community bank needs to pull off a similar “Oprah Moment” to really pump-up staff. Of course, I don’t mean you give everyone a car. But still, what can you give them?

Maybe Santa can leave little presents on their desks. Or maybe goodie bags start showing up after an especially hard day. Or (if you really want to go all out) everyone gets a meal for Thanksgiving.

Need more than some fun ideas? We can help you build a cohesive culture to infuse your entire staff with the purpose they crave. Check out our organizational alignment services, and book a free consultation today!

Sean Galli
Marketing Coordinator