Nice Going, Genius

Shawn Temple

We're talking today about the Working Genius model, but I'm curious, has anyone ever said, "Nice going, genius," to you? Have you said it to anyone? My answer? Yes and yes. Certainly, in its usual context…whatever has happened is light years away from a genius move.

What a word though, right? Genius. In evokes names like Einstein, Newton, Rembrandt, Edison and Jobs. When thinking about the word ‘genius’, we immediately associate it with inventors and give deference to them. To be sure, they earned our collective tip of the hat.

Whether we’re talking about inventing things, software or solutions to everyday problems; invention is only one type of working genius. That’s right…there’s more…much more. (I recently became a certified Working Genius facilitator and now walk teams through this model during leadership training sessions.)

Work Smarter

When it comes to how work gets done, it takes several working geniuses—six to be exact. But it’s not about the number of people involved…it’s about the inherent, genius quality(ies) they bring to the organization, the opportunities they seize and the problems they solve.

Burnout is a real thing, but its root cause is often not that you’ve done too much or worked too many hours; rather, it’s because you’ve done too little of what sparks a light in you. It turns out that everyone—you, me, the team you work with—we all have at least two working geniuses.

And we can easily find out what they are and how to apply them.

Light the Spark

Imagine if you could spend more of your time, not less, doing those things at work that give you joy, energy and fulfillment. Imagine if you could spend less time, not more, doing those things at work that drain you of all that is good. Imagine if more of your staff, not less, showed up to work energized, engaged and fulfilled simply because you connected their role to their innate brilliance.

It's not a fantasy, and it’s not about personality. It’s about productivity and effectiveness.

It’s far past time to make a real impact in the lives of the people you lead. Can you imagine what the outcome could look like if your staff’s daily work ignited that spark in them?

Change the Game

If your employees are working on that “next level,” your credit union or community bank is about to see a seismic culture and productivity bounce. And that’s a game changing win-win scenario.

Let’s get to the other side. Let’s get to work. But more than that, let’s go do the work that gives all of us joy, energy and fulfillment. Get going, Genius.

To find out how you can transform work for every single person on your staff, click here.

Shawn Temple
Strategy Director
Shawn Temple

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