Three Digital Marketing Mistakes You're Probably Making

Elizabeth Rider

Are you and your marketing team taking a closer look at your digital marketing?

If so, then chances are you've made at least one of these three common mistakes in your quest to "do more digital." Here they are, plus tips for how to fix them.

Digital Marketing Mistake #1: Not starting with strategy

The phrase "start simply and simply start" does NOT work with digital marketing. You can't just dive into Facebook ads and expect to see a return on your investment. You must have a strategy.

How to fix it: Create a digital marketing strategy before you spend any more on digital.

Digital Marketing Mistake #2: Leaving Your Website the Way It Is

Your website is the digital front porch of your credit union or community bank. If it's not clear where the front door is, people won't come matter how much you paid for that Google spot. Your website must make it obvious how a user can do these three things:

  • Apply for a loan
  • Open an account
  • Become a member

How to fix it: Give your website the caveman test:

If a caveman were to look at your credit union or community bank's website, could they tell in three seconds 1) what you do, 2) why they need what you do, and 3) how they can get it? If not, your site may need some adjustments tailored to the user experience. For more on what makes a good website and what doesn't, check out this article.

Digital Marketing Mistake #3: Paying for Digital Ads Without Giving People a Place to Go

Similar to Mistake #2, many marketers design a pretty ad (or pay a lot of money for a marketing agency to design the ad) but don't give a clear call to action in that ad.

Think of digital marketing like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for your target audience to follow. The end goal is always for the user to take action that profits your credit union or community bank. Here's an example for a loan campaign:

image showing how digital marketing works for credit unions and community banks

How to fix it: Make sure every digital ad you place takes users to a very clear landing page with a very clear (and ideally very large) action button.

No matter where you are on your digital marketing journey, it's a win that you're in the game at all. Too many credit unions and community banks missed the digital marketing bus when it first left the station, and now they're running after it with their arms flailing like a crazy person. Don't be that crazy person. Start with a strategy (we can help you with that) and go from there.

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Elizabeth Rider
Marketing & Operations Manager
Elizabeth Rider

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