Creating a More Cohesive Credit Union or Bank

Your entire organization benefits from an On The Mark Strategies marketing audit. This audit is not about your financials. It’s about bringing cohesiveness to your brand. We don’t just analyze how pretty your marketing collateral is. We mystery shop your branches to determine if the service you provide aligns with your brand’s messaging, visuals and strategy.


  • Step 1: Review collateral
    We review print collateral, digital channels and your marketing budget, calendar and plan
  • Step 2: Conduct comprehensive website analysis
    In addition to your website visuals and messaging, we get into the guts of your website – SEO rankings, metadata, broken links and more.
  • Step 3: Conduct mystery shops of your branches and competitors
    Mystery shops identify the gaps between what your marketing promises and what your staff actually delivers. Competitor shops identify your competitive advantages and weaknesses.
  • Step 4: Provide Strategic and tactical recommendations
    You can implement many of these recommendations immediately. Others are long-term. All of them help your organization improve.

Your marketing audit findings:

  • Pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your messaging and visuals
  • Assess the consistency of your marketing collateral’s look at feel
  • Identify gaps between your brand, marketing efforts and service level
  • Provide an expert perspective on what’s really happening in your branches
  • Highlight your financial institution’s competitive advantages
  • Give your financial institution permission to stop doing what doesn’t align to your brand
  • Provide strategic and tactical recommendations for both marketing and operations

Your entire organization benefits from a marketing audit – not just the marketing department.


It was great to do that secret shopper and then get the results on what was missing or what those brand gaps were that I thought we had. That’s where our member engagement program and our brand camp came from. That biggest finding from the marketing audit was that we needed to close those brand gaps and focus in on our employees living the brand.
Mindy Uitterdyke

VP of Marketing, UniWyo Federal Credit Union

I believe the marketing audit was super helpful. We really got a lot of valuable insight and we have a lot of action steps from it. Having that fresh set of eyes and outside perspective helped us make some valuable procedure changes that have benefitted our organization.
Helen Gibson

VP of Marketing and Education, Denver Community Credit Union

It was great to have an outside objective third party look at our information. They gave us a lot of great suggestions and small tweeks and changes to make sure what we wanted to communicate about our brand was coming through, and that we had a consistent look, feel and message across all of our different communication platforms. It was extremely helpful.
Susan Chapman

VP of Community Engagement, Smart Financial