A Different Kind of Planning Session

Strategic planning is a process that sets the foundation for your financial institution’s future. It’s not a date on a calendar or a meeting you leave with a glorified to-do list, and it doesn’t just focus on numbers. Some firms may do it that way, but our trademarked approach is different.

First we get to know you. Then, we make your needs our focus and priority.

The On The Mark Strategies strategic planning process:

  • Engages your session participants – everyone gets a chance to talk often
  • Examines how your credit union is performing
  • Surveys participants anonymously prior to your planning session
  • Encourages you to think outside the box before narrowing your focus
  • Guides you to set strategic initiatives and priorities – not a to-do list
  • Incorporates unique exercises (throw out the SWOT) specific to your financial institution’s needs
  • Facilitates participants to a joint vision
  • Requires you to have fun

Yes…fun is a a requirement when you hire On The Mark Strategies to facilitate your planning session. You have fun while we ensure you always strive for greatness. You will leave your planning session with a roadmap of where your financial institution is headed in the future, as well as tools to keep your team accountable for executing your plans. The result for your financial institution is a living, breathing strategic plan with a joint vision everyone in your organization stands behind.


Mark is very engaging and he brings in outside videos and information that help reinforce what we’re talking about. He leads where he sees the conversation going. He introduces ideas, but then he lets the planning session be the discussion between actual participants in the planning session. At the beginning, you wonder how you’re going to get to something you can use moving forward, especially in a planning session where you’re making plans for the next two or three years, but Mark makes it happen.
Karen Harbin

CEO, Commonwealth Credit Union

I really enjoyed the planning experience. I thought it was extremely meaningful. I didn’t have to facilitate the whole conversation with the board. Mark was really there to add value in terms of asking questions that were broader. He and I had a lot of dialogue prior to the session so we could talk about what our goals were and what I really wanted to accomplish in the session, because we did change it from previous years. It had been very tactical and I wanted that to get more higher level. I feel like we accomplished that.
Dave Krause


In our past planning sessions, we were going in and looking at budget and how we’re doing. Now we focus on branding plus technology equals success. It all comes hand in hand and full circle to what we’re doing with On The Mark Strategies, and that’s where we’re seeing success. As we begin keeping that vision throughout everything we do, it’s going to make us even more successful.
Larry Seidl

CEO, Smart Financial